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Avila University’s home, Kansas City, is more than just a vibrant Midwestern metropolis. It’s a dynamic hub for education, career growth, and endless possibilities.

Choosing to study here unlocks a world of advantages, both inside and outside the classroom. Picture yourself gaining hands-on experience with Fortune 500 companies like Google Fiber, Hallmark Cards, or Cerner, as Kansas City’s entrepreneurial spirit provides countless internship and research opportunities. Beyond academics, immerse yourself in the rich artistic scene, from the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum to the infectious energy of the live music scene. Moreover, the city’s surprisingly low cost of living sets it apart from other college towns, allowing students to focus on studies without financial worries. Ranked among the top US cities for young professionals and millennials, Kansas City promises a friendly atmosphere, a thriving social scene, and endless entertainment options.

Avila University connects students to the future of Kansas City, with upcoming developments like a new airport and a premier sports and entertainment venue. Ready to unlock your potential in this ever-evolving city? Contact Avila University today and embark on a journey of education and opportunity.

Avila university

Avila University Breaks record

In a historic milestone, Avila University proudly announces its largest incoming class ever, marking a remarkable 70% increase in enrollment compared to the previous year. Comprising freshmen, transfer students, and international scholars, this diverse class reflects Avila’s commitment to access through affordability, individualized education, and a supportive community.

This year, we welcomed nearly 200 more students than the previous year, a staggering 70% increase. This surge in enrollment speaks volumes about Avila’s commitment to providing “access through affordability, quality individualized education, and passionate people that will invest in the lives of our students.” But what’s driving this exciting growth? The reasons are many.

Avila has been actively strengthening its ties with local organizations like the Hispanic Development Fund, KC Scholars, and MCCKC, opening doors for talented students from diverse backgrounds. We’ve also seen a remarkable 100% increase in incoming freshmen, showcasing the growing appeal of the Avila experience.

Avila university

History leap of Avila university

Avila University has taken a historic leap onto the global stage, signing three comprehensive agreements with institutions in North Africa that expand access to education and American degrees. This bold move solidifies Avila’s commitment to being not just Kansas City’s private university of access but also a beacon of opportunity for students worldwide. The first agreement pioneers a unique partnership with the Algerian government, marking the first such multi-university accord between a U.S. institution and Algeria.

In a collaborative effort involving numerous Algerian universities, an array of opportunities for American education becomes accessible to countless students in Algeria. Avila further expands its global presence by forming partnerships with renowned institutions such as AUNA – The American University in North Africa, and others.

These collaborations pave the way for student exchanges, collaborative research, and academic programs geared towards both American students seeking enriching study abroad experiences and local students striving for an American degree.

Avila university

106th graduating class at avila university

In a triumphant return to campus after 19 years, Avila University celebrated its 106th graduating class. The sunlit ceremony brought together 344 graduates and over 2,000 guests, marking a momentous occasion for Avila. President Burkee’s vision to bring graduation back to campus aimed to build tradition and foster community spirit, creating a memorable experience for graduates. Among the 344 graduates, 233 received undergraduate degrees, and 111 earned master’s degrees.

Notably, Kim Beatty, Ed.D., Chancellor of Metropolitan Community College, was awarded an honorary degree for her leadership in equity and education. The diverse range of degrees spanned various fields, from Kinesiology and Business Administration to Organizational Development and Psychology. The ceremony underscored Avila’s commitment to academic excellence, tradition, and community building.

This milestone event showcased Avila’s dedication to providing quality education, fostering connections, and preparing graduates for impactful futures.


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