Sahaj International is one of the recognized Overseas Education Consultants providing free Career Counseling and comprehensive assistance relating to education Study in Europe.

Study in Europe

Sahaj International is a leading European education consultancy in Gujarat. We have a team of mature professionals highly skilled and well supported by several internationally reputed legal advisors and experienced experts. We assist Indian students seeking admissions in globally recognized programs offered by European Universities over the 34 European countries. Study and learn with students from all corners of the world, discover a new language, and develop your independence at a university Study in Europe.

One may think what is the difference between studying in one’s home country rather than moving abroad to study the same course when it is readily available in their country. With the world continuously shrinking, and with the best colleges and universities offering their courses at the doorstep of the student, there are numerous reasons why students opting for higher studies need to consider going abroad to Europe because of the following

  • Enumerated here are some of the good reasons for the students all across the atlas to pursue studies in European colleges and universities:
  • One of the reasons students can get with the ‘ why Study in Europe is that the programs are conducted by staff that are highly qualified academic staff, the size of the classroom is quite small which confers individual attention to each student
  • One of the advantages of Why Study in Europe is that students can get admission into medical school directly after high school. This cuts the time period and subsequently the overall cost of getting their degree.
  • Students studying medicine get their degree in less time as compared to the US or elsewhere
  • One of the USPs is the lower overall cost of education, including tuition, fees, room and board. It is seen that students can shave off more than three-fourths of the cost that they have to typically spend in the US.
  • Thus, it becomes a fairly feasible and economically viable option when students want to weigh the study abroad benefits of a European university.

Facts of European Education

  • Lowest Living expenses.
  • Free Education offered to Eligible students.
  • Study in Top Ranked European Government, Public and Private Universities
  • Maximum Exposure towards Research & development in all aspects of Technology.
  • University to University transfer possibility in schengen countries. (Erasmus)
  • Research Oriented study opportunities
  • Medium of Instruction is entirely in English
  • International Exposure towards latest in studies and opportunities to increase individualism
  • Updated Syllabus taught for all fields of studies (Engineering / Arts & Sciences/ Medicine) for Both Bachelors and Masters level.
  • Wide range of Courses and career options to choose from, Industrial tie ups Collaborations of universities, open pathways for
  • students to acquire internships and Post study work options.


Study in Europe