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Sahaj International provides the best facility to study in Lithuania. Lithuania is a Northern European country and a member of the European Union. Lithuania (or Lietuva) is the largest country of the three Baltic states located along with the southeastern shores of the Baltic Sea. It is famous mainly for its education systems and mesmerizing locations to travel the entire region. Connect with Sahaj International, Vadodara, to know the best things about this wonderful country and how to reach there.

This beautiful country and its beautiful citizens warmly welcome foreigners. Even being a European country, the majority of people understand English. It is widely spoken in many cities like Vilnius, Panevėžys, Jonava, and others. You will be glad to know that Lithuania is a country with the fastest and cheapest internet connection in the whole European Union! Let’s start with education.

Study in Lithuania

There are many attractions in Lithuania, but what attracts the most to youngsters is its 350+ study programs that are being taught in the English language – just for the sake of quality and widespread education. Not only degrees, but you can also apply for some internationally recognized diplomas to explore the Lithuanian education system. The experts of Sahaj International can help you to choose the best program according to your qualification and area of interest​

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Education Systems in Lithuania

Those people who know even a bit about this country can vouch that Lithuania has a deep respect for its traditions and a strong desire to innovate. Lithuania has developed a unique culture that encompasses both and keeps education at the base of it. Lithuania offers excellent coaching. It is mainly famous for architects, laser technologies, medicine, information, and biotechnologies. Currently, there are students from more than 90 different countries of the world who are proudly study in Lithuania. 

Higher Education System

22 colleges and 21 universities offer study programs in this beautiful country. The higher education institutions fall under two categories and three cycles in Lithuania. In these two types, one is the universities, and the other one is colleges. The colleges of Lithuania are commonly known as non-university higher education institutions. Three cycles include Bachelor studies in universities, professional bachelor’s in colleges, and postgraduate studies. The best part about these programs is that you can either study full-time or even part-time.

University Studies 

Universities offer a universal academic education with the best theoretical training and professional excellence. Sahaj International can help you to reach there. The students get  four years for their full-time studies and five years for their part-time studies in their university education. After getting their bachelor’s degree, they can continue their studies in postgraduate studies for another 1.5 to 2 years.

During this entire period, the student will continuously get the benefit of practical training. Students having practical experience can complete additional studies and get a job quickly. The duration of such courses is set by the higher education institution to continue post-graduation in various universities. Contact us to know more.

Cost of Education in Lithuania

Education fees/tuition fees in Lithuania vary from program to program and university to university. It also depends on the study cycle. However, we at the Sahaj can guide you as we have sent many of our loyal students. Here, keep one thing in mind is that the Non-European students need to pay a higher tuition fee compared to the domestic or other European students. However, the highest quality of studies and useful scholarship schemes help them the most.

Approx Tuition Fees for Some Popular Undergraduate Programs:

  • The cost of studies for higher education is approximately between 1000 to 6000 Euros per year for bachelor studies. The academic year generally starts in September and ends in mid-June.
  • For master studies, the cost of fees can start at 2500 Euros and go up to 6500 Euros per year. Visit Sahaj International at Vadodara (Gujarat) to learn more.
  • Some students can also get various scholarship opportunities in Lithuania. Such scholarships are offered by the state, colleges/universities, and some International Scholarship Programs. 

Qualifying Exams & Coaching

  • IELTS (Waiver Possible)

Study in Lithuania