Study in Poland

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Poland is one of the popular choice of students willing to study abroad. By choosing Poland, officially Republic of Poland to study further for higher education you will be a part of Central Europe. It is among the fastest growing economies in Europe. There are 1.1 million students studying in Poland. Poland offers education in both Polish and English Language to international students.

Poland is a large European county attract students with a rich history, a vibrant culture, and welcoming people. Most popular cities where international students come to study are Warszawa (Warsaw), Kraków (Cracow), Wrocław, Gdańsk, Poznań, Łódź. The cities are modern, exciting hub with many universities offering a wide range of courses in English.

Education in Poland is not only well-known for academic excellency but also for the high quality of life for overseas students. Poland is a vibrant, multicultural, and exciting country. It has friendly environment, climate, good food, interesting history of the place where you will enjoy to study and live.

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Why Study in Poland?

Poland has world-class education systems. In Poland, there are 400 universities offering around 500 courses in English. It has the top two universities, Jagiellonian University and the University of Warsaw listed in the world ranking. The University of Warsaw is the largest university ranked internationally. Every year thousands of students come to study in Poland at Warsaw University of Technology and AGH University of Science and Technology.

Poland is well known for engineering and computer science students.It also offers medical education at very at affordable prices compare to other countries. More international students choose to study Masters in Management, Masters in Computer Science, Masters in International Relations programs in Poland.
Poland offers world-class education at affordable fees and cost of living. Foreign students feel very safe and livable country. With high quality of education, a variety of study programs, and recognition of universities around the world, makes Poland a very attractive and affordable place to study.  

Cost of Education in Poland

You don’t need to worried about cost of study in Poland. Cost of study in Poland is not very expensive like other countries. Poland education is known for lowest tuition fees among European countries.
The tuition fees in Poland are very less ranging from 1500 EUR to 3000 EUR for Bachelors and Master program. The tuition cost for the MBA and Medicine are from 8000 EUR to 12000 EUR per year. The living expenses in Poland normally depends on the cities where students choose to study and live in. The cost would be quite more in metropolitans like Warsaw than living in a rural area. The average cost of living in Poland for international students costs around 500 to 850 Euros per month.

Qualifying exams and coaching

If you have completed your study in English Medium then you do not need to take any an English language exam prior to get admission for Bachelor’s program.

However, universities schedule an interview to satisfy their entry requirements. and it will also help you to increase your chances to get visa without any doubt.

Master programs require proof of English language proficiency any of IELTS Academic, TOEFL iBT or PTE Academic.