“I had lost my hope of abroad study as I got refusal from USA and Canada but today I am in world ranking University thanks to Sahaj International.” Sahaj’s admission and Visa Process was flawless, thier communication system with each student is amazing ; by mail all cristal and clear.
Harshil Patel – Latvia

“I had approached to many consultancy but no one was ready to process my file as there was a huge gap. Sahaj International can find the way out from any complication.” I got my visa in one shot , without IELTS just because of proper and authentic work order for filing.
Nirav Raval – Latvia

“I was quite shy and hesitating kind of girl. I wanted to study abroad but my parent doesn’t had confidence on me. Hiren Patel of Sahaj International, convinced my parents and supported me student visa, Hostel accommodation, pick up at airport, insurance and ticketing etc
Aishwarya – Latvia

“I am a Gujarati medium student. I got through the University Skype interview and Embassy interview and it became possible only through proper guidance and phenomenal support from each staff of Sahaj International. Today I’m in Latvia and see a lot of business opportunities here.”
Samir Patel – Latvia

“I am from Kadi of Gujarat I got the student visa through Sahaj International for Latvia studies but after one semester I got transfer to France through ERASMUS program.”
Vicky Patel – France

“I can say those rejected from USA or any countries like me must not be let down their hope. Reach Sahaj International for all solution.”
Zeel Patel – Latvia

“Today I am studying in one of the world best university in (VGTU) Lithuania and it has low cost education which suit me too. Thanks to Sahaj.”
Snehal Patel – Lithuania

“I choose the North Cyprus country as a destination for my study without IELTS. Here students of management & Hospitality studies have good opportunities to earn and settle. It is Sahaj International makes me reach.”
Apurvi Vaidhya – Northern Cyprus

“I came here in Northern Cyprus as in student visa on 12th basis without IELTS. Today I am happy and earning sufficiently. Thanks Sahaj, thanks Mr. Hiren Patel.” while all door was close to abroad study for me Sahaj was first rays of my career and I was Started my future endeavor
Mahesh Dobariya – North Cyprus

“I had a belief on Sahaj International as many of my friends taken their service and got visa. I also did the process without IELTS and today I am studying in one among the best university of Poland.”
Raviraj Rana – Poland

“Having overall 6 band IELTS will be a tough time to find a master program in University and to click the visa in UK, but through Sahaj I got the admission in Sheffield Hallam University and Visa also.”
Kiran Chanda – UK

“I would say thank you Sahaj International for supporting me.” at first meeting with sahaj counselor I was totally Blank about my career, But accurate suggestion from sahaj is my success today, I am on Work visa Now
Jemish Ramani – Poland

“V sign for Hiren sir.” Sahaj International Provide me that confidence which help to convert in my Visa Success, Good University , Proper Course selection and way of Presentation in embassy all just because of Sahaj , I Achieve what sahaj Said as well at that time my family was not confident for me ..Thanks again
Prit Pancholi – Poland

“Unbelievable” to get admission in a good college that to without IELTS or TOEFL score and get a US student visa in first attempt is a day dreaming. Sahaj International done for me. Sahaj the Name of Success
Gaurav Patel – USA