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We provide complete in-depth counseling on a ‘one-to-one’ basis for students, to chart out their career path for education abroad; right from institution selection – to taking the flight!
Sahaj International has a “One Stop Professional Consultancy Service Center", for education in USA, Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, Ireland, Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Germany, Cyprus, Poland, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Mauritius, Malta & South Africa. We process applications for most of the TOP RANKED Universities!

Sahaj International‘ adds value by:

  • Counseling For Study Abroad.
  • Country, University And Course Selection.
  • Application Guidance And Complete Documentation.
  • Scholarships / Financial Aid.
  • Bank / Educational Loan Assistance.
  • Exclusive Visa Assistance.
  • Pre-Departure Briefing.
  • Assistance In Accommodation And Airport Pickup.
  • Travel Assistance.
  • Forex Assistance.
  • Insurance Cover.
  • Visa Interview Preparation

Sahaj International has a parentage reputation of giving their best and personal attention on every respect due to vast experience carried by each personal. You may contact any of our official for an appointment and personal consultation. It does not matter if you have already applied to one or more Universities; Sahaj International can still act on your behalf and accomplished the assigned work within the projected time.


Which career to choose? This is the first question that comes to the mind of many students. "Sahaj International" guides you through the maze of questions to find solutions best suited to your profile and / or parameters ensuring that you choose the best Career Path to make your future bright and established. visit us for finest support and excellent guidance.


We guide you to choose the right Country, right University and right Course that perfectly fits your Career or Personal Goals and which best suits your Personal, Academic and Financial Profile/Parameters.


After counseling students for the right Course & University, the next step is to apply for seeking admission in the Universities. Presentation & Documentation of your error-free application largely decides whether you receive the Offer Letter or not. Thus, we help you in the following aspects:
• Giving you the Application Form.
• Guidelines to fill the application.
• Details of documents to be sent along with application.
• Preparation of documents like:
• SOP (Statement of Purpose)
• LOR (Recommendation Letter)
• Resume- By providing you A sample format of the above documents,
• Guidelines on points to be included in these documents
• Carrying out correction in above documents.
• Preparing sealed & correctly addressed envelope packets.
• Online or postal dispatch of your application.
• Tracking delivery of your application to University/College.
In Universities and Colleges represented by us, we send our recommendations highlighting your strengths and also explaining reasons why you should be granted admission, which are considered by University Admission Officers’ while taking a decision.


All students & parents are haunted by the cost related to studies abroad. The cost varies from country to country and University to University, depending upon the course you want to pursue. But if you are capable to get a grant or scholarship from the school or University of your choice the burden of funding gets reduced a lot. Here it is important to make a point that to achieve this, proper guidance is required which can be provided only by professional firms like ours who have been in this activity for years.

We assist in:
• Getting financial aid in terms of Scholarships / Research Assistantship / Teaching Assistantship.
• Getting Tuition Fees.
• Getting Bursaries depending on academic strength.
• Informing about smaller scholarships offered by Universities.
• Giving you the contact of various organizations sponsoring students.

We assist the eligible candidates in getting Financial Aid by selection of proper Universities and then guiding them to prepare & e-mail their short resumes & other documentation to concerned authorities. Proper timing & proper correspondence is the highlight of our Consultancy.


Sahaj International provides pre-departure briefing to students going for studies abroad. A ‘Pre-departure Booklet’ is provided to each student, which covers all the aspects of initial travel and thereafter the stay during his/her study period. It provides information on all minute details including the packing list of all the things one should take them while going for higher education.

Seminars and events are also organized from time-to-time for the same purpose. It includes an explanation on immigration process, information about a student’s life in foreign countries, a chance to talk to the alumni members returned from studies abroad, an introduction to services useful to overseas students and also a meeting with other students going abroad for higher studies. All these help to ensure that you are well settled at the University.


We take care of booking flights well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and also best discounts.


We have tie ups with reputed Forex dealers to ensure that our students get competitive exchange rates and prompt services. Foreign exchange is provided in the form of preloaded Travel Card and Currency Notes to the student.


Sahaj International is Authorized Agent of leading Insurance Companies like Bajaj Allianz. Our policies provide comprehensive insurance coverage comprising cover for medical expenses/ treatment, checked baggage loss, personal accident, study interruptions etc. You can even save money by buying the cover in Indian rupees and seeking a waiver for the compulsory insurance that most foreign Universities ask for at the time of admission. This leaves you worry free and lets you focus on your grades.