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Dear Students and Parents, Welcome to the Sahaj International. I am delighted that you are considering Sahaj International, India’s first education consultancy engaged exclusively with 34 countries around the world. To help you achieve your goals, I have visualized that you need a proper gateway for the road to your abroad education, career, professional life and personal development. In the present environment, quality is paramount where we have our standards, facilitates and the infrastructure have been designed to meet your needs that are of International Standards.

I, on behalf of Sahaj International take pride in offering you the best of services and career guidance as you look ahead in life for professional studies at all international destination. I and my team will assist you in every possible aspect and ensure that from the time you visit our office till you land in a country choice for your Higher Education, you are provided with all the assistance that you require, enabling smooth and hassle-free process for you.

I understand that your aspiration for higher studies abroad is for a variety of reasons to improve career prospects, possible immigration, job satisfaction, for intellectual challenges and to pursue long standing interests etc. At Sahaj International, we have built considerable flexibility into our whole process so that career selection and proper guidance for you becomes easy when you interact with our experienced counselors/team members.

I assure that at Sahaj International, whatever your personal goals are, you will be able to find customized solutions which match your dreams and goals in accomplishing a great qualification, career and life ahead.

All the services at Sahaj International come free and also that your association with us is recognized from the time you register with us, with many privileges. I take pride in stating that we are the only Company in India offering many unique benefits right from the time you register. Our association with you will be for life. As you go through our website, you will realize that you have made the right choice by allowing us to be your ‘Partner in WORLD WIDE Education plans,

We hope that our website provides you with all the information you need. Please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback so that we can continue to enhance our site and services at Sahaj International, Contact me by email or on my mobile phone for anything you consider important.

Yours Sincerely 
Mr. Hiren Patel (CEO)

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Sahaj's vision

We have established ourselves in the field of European Education and we aspire to become the undisputed leaders in this field. Our aim is to impart quality education to the society. We believe in providing quality services to all our clients with the vision of building a long term business relationship with all our clients. Keeping this in mind, all our products and services are designed in such a way that only value added services are provided to all our valued customers. Technically speaking, our long term goal is to accomplish and conquer the entire European Education Industry and serve the Indian student at their door step..

Students from all over the globe wish to pursue higher education. Not all of them realize its value. Higher education in the forthcoming times will be much different from what it is now. There have been tremendous improvement in all sorts of technologies related to education and this is the reason why the quality of higher education is sure to improvise. We at Sahaj International work constantly with the aim of improvising the quality of higher education with the constant changes in the educational technologies. Not only will the higher education in future will be different from what it is now in terms of its access but many other aspects. 

The mode of communication will be changed entirely with the improvisation in technologies. Simple classroom education is bound to be digitalized. Application of technology will be much more in the forthcoming times. Other aspects that will change in the coming times are the national curriculum, teaching methodology and also the university ranking. These are some of the few aspects among many others.

As said already, we at Sahaj International, work to build a long term relationship with our customers. We understand that students belonging to all financial status wish to pursue higher education. However, they fail to do so because of lack of financial support. International education is believed to be very expensive, just from the sound of it.

Many meritorious students who even qualify examinations to best of international institutions give up their dreams just because they are unable to bear the cost of international education. We believe that money should never come as an obstacle for those who really have the desire to study. We are making continuous efforts to international education reachable and affordable to all. Our constant endeavor is to make it reachable to one and all, irrespective of a student's financial status. 

Sahaj's Mission

Now a day’s education is aided to a variety of programs with Arts Science & Technology, Hospitality,  Computers, ITs, space technology, Aviation, internet and many more. Diverse knowledge is being spread among the people and society. Science has explored every aspect of life and there is much to learn and more to assimilate. Technology formulated a race among the society to meet the goal impatiently. Especially in developing country like India, students passed out from school are confused in choosing the best country, College/University, courses, for their career.  

USA, Canada, Australia UK and New Zealand are dominantly attracting the Indian student as the best education providers and it became a trend of young generation to flow as per the attraction of the country. Whereas, they need a comprehensive research on suitability of country, College/University, availability of courses, fees as per their financial ability.

European colleges and Universities are good options for Indian students. Student can have education in QS world ranking university with only 1/4th expense of major countries provides an opportunity of good education for an Indian middle class family. Since, most of the European university do not required IELTS, GRE, GMAT and SAT for admission, gives an edge over other countries.     

Sahaj International takes this challenge as a privilege to make awareness among the student community with years of experience.

Our Counselors are well equipped and friendly in nature to support the student and helps day and night until their problem is solved.

You will be provided specialized, reliable and unbiased advice from your respective consultants. Visa plays a very vital role for the students who are seeking to study in abroad.






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