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The world’s beautiful country, Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country that attracts students around the world. Switzerland is increasing the number of students to pursue higher education. More than 2 lacs students are studying in Switzerland from many countries.

Switzerland has a worldwide reputation as a provider of quality education. Switzerland offers a safe learning environment with peaceful atmosphere. It provides excellent study opportunities and support services to international students.

Education System in Switzerland includes four main sectors of studies, Universities, vocational education and training institutes, schools and English language training institutes. Institutes offers over 3,000-degree programs with 700 in English.German, French, Italian, Romansh are four official languages and most of the institutes offering programs in English to international students. So, you will have opportunities to meet people from so many different cultures.
Switzerland is clean and developed country with excellent infrastructure. The swiss people are very well organized and strict to follow rules in their day to day life. They are a very nice and polite who will always offer you a helping

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Switzerland is known as the mountainous Central European country besides being the home to several picturesque villages, lakes, and of course the high peaks of the Alps. The cities here comprises of medieval quarters, having the landmarks including Zytglogge Clock Tower found in the capital Bern and the wooden chapel bridge in Lucerne.

Switzerland is an ideal place for its ski resorts and hiking trails. The finance and banking sector has its dominance in this country apart from being famous for the Swiss watches and chocolates that remain world renowned. All these factors make Switzerland a perfect destination for higher studies.

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Why Study in Switzerland?

There are many factors which students can consider while choosing Switzerland for their further studies. It offers varied range of study options at world’s ranked institutes with quality of life. Study in Switzerland has high academic standards and innovative teaching methods.It has ranked institutes running world recognized degrees. Swiss universities ETH Zurich, EPFL, the University of Zurich and the University of Geneva are in the world’s top 100 ranked universities. The most popular programs offer by Swiss institutes are International Business Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, F&B and Restaurant Management, Entrepreneurship, Event management, Resort & Spa Management etc.

The government also provide financial supports to international students with scholarship such as Swiss government excellence scholarships, IMD MBA Scholarship. Like other countries in Switzerland, international students are also allowed to work legally. They allow for not more than 15 hours per week during the study period and can work full-time in vacation period.

Overall, after taking review of Sahaj International’s students doing study in Switzerland, they are satisfied with the standard of Switzerland education and lifestyle. The support of universities and faculties exceeded their expectation of benefits to study in Switzerland.


The annual tuition fee will depend upon the program and university. The cost of fees for international students at the top-ranked public universities is 1,550 EUR to 3,700 EUR per year. While Private universities usually have higher tuition fees that can reach 40,000 EUR per year.

Living expense in Switzerland is quite expensive, especially when looking at major cities like Geneva or Zurich but with monthly budget students can manage cost. Including accommodation, food, transportation, supplies, and leisure activities average budget of 1,000 to 1,500 EUR per month for living cost.


Institutions Study in Switzerland offers an English Test waiver for particular bachelors and master’s degree programs. However, it is more advisable to appear for IELTS or TOEFL score to get admission into universities.