American College Testing

About ACT

American College Testing (ACT) is one of the standardized test for high school achievement and college admission in the US (other is SAT). International students looking to attend US undergraduate schools need to take either the ACT or the SAT.

ACT tests student’s ability based on English, Math, Reading, Science, Writing sections. ACT can be taken 12 times with time and date limitations.

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Exam Pattern

i) Mathematics test (60 items, 60 minutes) (1-36 Score)

ii) Reading test (40 items, 35 minutes) (1- 36 Score)

iii) Science test (40 items, 35 minutes) (1-36 Score)

iv) English test (75 items, 45 minutes) (1-36 Score)

v) Writing test (optional; 1 prompt, 40 minutes) (2-12 Score)

Total Time ACT without Essay – 2 hours and 55 minutes
ACT with Essay-3 hours and 40 minutes

Nature of Exam Paper Based Test (PBT)

Total Scores ACT score is out of 36

Other Details


Registration: Online

Test Fees: ACT with Essay US $166.50
ACT without Essay US $150

Frequency of Test: September, October, December, February, April, June & July.

Score Validity 5 Years

Free Score Reporting: There is a provision of reporting your ACT test scores to a maximum of four universities of your choice, the cost of which is built into the ACT test fee you pay

Additional Test Score Reporting Fees US $13 For Master