Student Visa Assistance For VILNIUS TECH UNIVERSITY in Vadodara, Student Visa Assistance For VILNIUS TECH UNIVERSITY in Vadodara,Student Visa Assistance For VILNIUS TECH UNIVERSITY in Vadodara

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APPLY VTU, Lithuania.
Application Fee:100 Euro (Non-Refundable)

Why Study in Lithuania?

• All Programs available in English Taught.
• High quality, modern and innovative studies.
• Schengen Country.
• IELTS is not required if the student speaks English.
• Accommodation is available on walking distance.
• Quality of life and World-class infrastructure.
• A part of a modern European country.
• Global Centre for Software, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications,
Financial Services industries.

Student Visa Assistance For ATMC in Vadodara,

Why Study at VTU?

• High-quality degree studies and internationally recognized
• QS World University Ranking 551-500.
• Study programs in the English language.
• Exchange and placement programmes in more than 380
European partner institutions.
• Accommodation guaranteed for all international students in
universities’ dormitory on campus.
• Top Laboratories.
• Relatively low living costs.
• Friendly, liberal and safe study and living environment.

Student Visa Assistance For VILNIUS TECH UNIVERSITY in Vadodara,
VILNIUS TECH UNIVERSITY Visa Assistance For Students,
Student Visa Assistance For VILNIUS TECH UNIVERSITY,


• Bachelor in Building Energetic
• Bachelor in Mechanics Engineering
• Bachelor in Information Systems Engineering
• Bachelor in Information & Communication Technologies
• Bachelor in Information Technologies
• Bachelor in Mechatronics and Robotics
• Bachelor in Civil Engineering
• Bachelor in Computer Engineering
• Bachelor of Automotive Engineering
• Bachelor in Digital Manufacturing
• Bachelor of Bioengineering
• Bachelor in Finance Engineering
• Bachelor in Environmental Protection Engineering
• Bachelor in Economics Engineering
• Bachelor in Business Management
• Bachelor in Creative Industries
• Master in Aircraft Piloting (Integrated studies)
• Master in Architecture (Integrated studies)
• Master in Environmental Protection Technology and Management
• Master in Innovative Road and Bridge Engineering (joint degree with Riga Technical University).
• Master in Innovative Solution in Geometrics (joint degree with Riga Technical University)
• Master of Aeronautical Engineering
• Master in Electrical Energetic Systems Engineering
• Master in Electronics Engineering
• Master in Information and Information Technologies Security
• Master in Industrial Engineering and Innovation Management
• Master in Mechatronics Systems
• Master in Economics Engineering
• Master of Computer Engineering
• Master of Mechanical Engineering
• Master of Nanobiotechnology
• Master of Automotive Engineering
• Master of Biomedical Engineering
• Master in Structural Engineering