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Student Visa Assistance For NTU in Vadodara, Student Visa Assistance For NTU in Vadodara

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  • Quick Points:
    • No LORs required for Jan. 2021
    • Students from following BOARDS or UNIVERSITIES will get an English waiver:



Student Visa Assistance For NTU in Vadodara

STANDARD 12 Marks Acceptable only if 70/100 (70%) or 160/200 (80%) from following Boards:

National boards: CBSE, ISCE, IB

State boards:  Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh

A bachelor or masters degree from following institutions (straight IELTS waiver):

  • The University of Mumbai
  • The University of Delhi
  • The University of Calcutta
  • The University of Bangalore
  • SavitribaiPhule Pune University (formerly known as The University of Pune)
  • The University of Chennai/Madras (India)
  • Anna University (India)
  • Osmania University (India)
  • The University of Goa (India)

IELTS Waiver

Students with over 70% in 12th English can get an IELTS waiver!

1 + 1 Masters with Placement Available

Course List – NTU, UK

    • MSc Finance and Investment Banking
    • MSc Finance and Accounting
    • MSc FinTech and Financial Markets
    • MSc Economics
    • MSc Economics, Banking and Finance
    • MSc Finance
    • MSc Structural Engineering with Materials
    • MSc Structural Engineering with Management
    • MSc Civil Engineering
    • MA Interior Architecture and Design
    • MA Design: Products and Furniture
    • MSc Design: Products and Technology
    • MA Graphic Design
    • MA International Fashion Management
    • MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
    • MSc Advertising and Marketing Communications
    • MSc Management
    • MSc Management and International Business
    • MSc Marketing
    • MSc Marketing and Brand Management
    • Online Master of Business Administration
    • Online Master of Business Administration (Data Analytics)
    • MA Museum and Heritage Development
    • MSc Project Management (Construction)
    • MSc Construction Management
    • MSc Quantity Surveying
    • MSc International Real Estate Investment
    • MA Broadcast Journalism
    • MA Media and Globalisation
    • MA International Development
    • Online MA International Relations
    • MSc Biomedical Science
    • MSc Pharmacology
    • MSc Molecular Cell Biology
    • MSc Molecular Microbiology
    • MSc Biotechnology
    • MSc Neuropharmacology
    • MSc Biomedical Science (flexible learning)
    • MRes Cancer Biology
    • MRes Cell Biology
    • MRes Molecular Biology
    • MRes Pharmacology
    • MRes Molecular Microbiology
    • MRes Neuropharmacology
    • MRes Biotechnology
    • MSc Chemistry / Chemistry (Professional Practice)
    • MRes Analytical Chemistry
    • MRes Pharmaceutical Analysis
    • MRes Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Science
    • MRes Chemistry
    • MRes Advanced Materials Chemistry
    • MRes Medical Imaging
    • MSc Engineering Management
    • MSc Engineering (Cybernetics and Communications)
    • MSc Engineering (Electronics)
    • MSc IT Security

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