Student Visa Assistance For HTMi in Vadodara, Student Visa Assistance For HTMi in Vadodara

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Why Dubai??

  • Dubai is one of the latest additions to the list of foreign destinations among Indian students. Factors like good infrastructure, warm and hospitable people, affordable tuition costs are some of the reasons that lure Indian students to Dubai.
  • Dubai is truly cosmopolitan and It’s one the fastest growing economy in the world and hence offers plethora of opportunities for career-growth.
Student Visa Assistance For HTMi in Vadodara
  • Learning is comparatively cheaper because of the education policies of Dubai. One would spend double the amount for the same learning elsewhere.
  • Beyond being an international business center, Dubai attracts masses of tourists due to its shopping festivals all year through. This makes it ideal for studying subjects related to hotel management, tourism as well as business.
  • The UAE is hospitable, Secure and caring. Entertainment is endless and also called the city of events and all the world’s best musicians, theaters and performers come here to entertainment.
  • The city has a strong service-driven economy, offering every business amenity from banking to telecommunications. International trading and industrialization are encouraged by the provision of seaports and specialist free-trade zones.
  • The landscape beyond the city ranges from desert to sea and provides a variety of opportunities for sports and recreation. Restaurants cover everything from coffee shops to fine dining, with the nightlife being equally varied.
  • The cosmopolitan culture itself is a great platform for a learner to know the social-etiquettes that are necessary in today’s world.

Why HTMi Switzerland Dubai?

  • HTMi Switzerland Dubai is the Middle East Sister Campus of the HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland – a prestigious institute that was ranked 17th in the 2019 QS World University rankings for hospitality and leisure. It is also ranked amongst the Top 5 institutes in Switzerland, and is Number 1 in the Canton of Luzern.
  • HTMi Dubai career guidance team knows that practical skills combined with positive attitude are highly-valued by HR recruiters, therefore we have designed our courses to coach student’s attitude in order to enhance their career prospects immeasurably. Our internship and workplace achievements are speaking for themselves.
  • 75% of all HTMi graduates join major international hotel chains, one out of three HTMi graduates start their hospitality careers in managerial positions and 80% of HTMi graduates secure their full-time placement before completing their final semesters.
  • Multiple opportunities for fresh graduates and skilled individuals are available to enlist on certificate and diploma programs with practical internships in the UAE.
  • HTMI’s strong industry partnerships across major international hotel groups and airlines allow students to experience practical work placements in  a variety  of sectors  according  to  their program focus.
  • Study in highly ranked Hotel and Tourism Management Institution in World
  • Paid internship opportunities during the program
  • Tuition fees include Accommodation charge as well.

Programs in HTMi Switzerland Dubai

  1. Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management (2 years)
  2. Bachelor, BA Degree in International Hospitality and Events Management (4 years)
  3. Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel Events Management (1 year)
  4. Higher Diploma in International Culinary Arts (2 years)
  5. Post Graduate Diploma in International Culinary Arts (1 year)
  6. International Bakery and Pastry (European Dessert, Breads and Pastries)
  7. Middle Eastern Bakery and Pastry (Arabic Sweets, Breads and Pastries)

Eligibility Criteria..

  • Student must be 17 years old (For Diploma/BA Program)
  • Student must be 21 years old (For Post Graduate Diploma Program)
  • Highschool Diploma or equivalent (Diploma Program), Bachelor degree in Hospitality or any discipline or have professional hotel experience of at least Two to Four years (Specialized Professional Diploma Program)
  • Fluent English
  • Genuine Passionate about choice of Program

Tuition fees includes..

    • Program Registration
    • Student visa and Health Insurance
    • Tuition
    • Accommodation
    • Basic Chef uniform and knife set
    • Placement for Paid internship

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