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Kerala Tourism begins online holiday bid war

April 10, 2018BY Sahaj ( 0 ) Comment

The Kerala Tourism department has launched an online bidding game offering holiday packages to the state at virtually no cost. First-ever in the country for a destination, ‘Visit Kerala Bid Wars’ will be played out on the hugely popular Facebook page of Kerala Tourism. The bid, joined by accredited tour operators in the state, will include packages from Rs 8,000 to Rs 78,000. The bid, aimed at domestic travellers, is organised as part of the ‘Visit Kerala 2015′ campaign inaugurated by Kerala Tourism Minister A P Anilkumar in the national capital in April. “Kerala Tourism enjoys round-the-year engagement with our huge fan base across the world,” said G Kamala Vardhana Rao, Secretary, Kerala Tourism. “This bidding process is a unique way to acknowledge the bond with each other,” he added. “It will also help us continue our association with our fans by providing an opportunity to gain first-hand experience of being in the place they love,” Rao said. The campaign will be anchored on an online bidding system known popularly as the ‘lowest unique bid’. In this bidding system, the package, which is up for bidding, is won by the person whose bids the lowest as well as unique. If two people bid the same price, that amount will get cancelled. “The online bidding not only carries forward the conversation with our fans, but also takes it to the next level,” said Kerala Tourism Director P I Sheik Pareeth. “The opportunity for our fans to spend a peaceful day on a houseboat in the famed backwaters or stroll in the picturesque tea hills of Munnar will go a long way in consolidating our association with them.” For making the bidding a success, Kerala Tourism has partnered with accredited service providers from the state such as Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, Voyages Kerala, Intersight Holidays, Spice Land Holidays, Cosima Holidays, Dravidian Trails, Indus Holidays, Kerala Travels & Travel Planners. The bid will be active for a few days initially. The winner will be announced for each package soon after it ends and before the next package will be up for bidding.

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